AQS-SYS Fixed Water Network Monitoring and Leak Detection

Water utilities can now benefit from the step change in asset monitoring technology made possible by the Internet of Things. Inatex has partnered with Aquarius Spectrum to distribute and support their patented water pipe network monitoring and leak detection systems in Australia.

The Aquarius Spectrum correlated detection system is a game changer in water leak detection and asset management. The fixed detection system informs you with certainty when a leak is starting to develop and provides you with its exact position, long before serious damage is caused.

AQS is based on correlating sensors that integrate 3G cellular communication, GPS synchronization and cloud-based automatic signal processing, enabling:

  • Acoustic – Active Leakage Control
  • Continuous Pipe Monitoring by Correlating Sensors
  • High Pinpoint Accuracy with Minimal False Alarms
  • Cloud Based Solution
  • Supports Asset Management (AM)

The AQS-SYS fixed-sensor monitoring solution is based on daily acoustic monitoring, using correlating sensors for detection and location. Each sensor covers over 500 meters of water pipe, on average.

  • Proven ‘Plug and Play’ technology – Over 3,000 sensors installed in 3 years, 100 leaks detected a year
  • Easy installation on overground hydrants and underground valves
  • Transfer of large amounts of data through GSM & GPS
  • High accuracy with long range leak detection by acoustic correlation

AQS-SYS detection by correlation locates pipe leaks from very small hole sizes (1.5 mm) with minimal false alarms. Combined with the AQS-SYS advanced algorithms, the system provides water utilities with a high level of accurate network data and daily tracking of the condition of water pipes, via a user-friendly web cloud platform and informative dashboard.

Leak Monitoring

Water Savings

  • Identify leaks when they are small …Avoid Pipe Bursts!
  • Proven Non Revenue Water reduction
  • Precise leak location

Customer Service & Operations Cost

  • Alerts on end user leaks
  • Better prediction and control of water outages
  • Plan ahead leak repairs (when leaks are small)
  • Avoid costly emergency work – Proactive vs. Reactive (planned vs. emergency)

Network Monitoring

Maintenance & Replacement

  • Detects faulty equipment (valves, air vents, meters)
  • Preventive maintenance – improves network longevity
  • Replacement prioritisation – efficient use of limited budget
  • Replace only what’s needed – not due to aging

Asset Management

  • Pipe analysis by leak statistics
  • Full history of repairs
  • Automatic ‘Red Zone’ identification

Improve the reliability and efficiency of your water network using real-time asset monitoring and intelligent analysis. The AQS-SYS system allows you to plan ahead and repair leaks when they are small, avoiding costly and disruptive emergency work.

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