FAM Series Weatherproof Street Lamps

  • Die-cast aluminum alloy enclosure with powder coated surface.
  • Bulb is replaced by removing the core. Good sealing performance prevents rain, insects, and dust from entering the lamp.
  • Spring locking device, easy to open.
  • Air-purifying respirator is installed in the reflector to ensure high output of luminous flux and reduce reflection coefficient attenuation.
  • Lamp is equipped with slip bolt, lamp pole lining plate is pressed on tightly and is easy to install.
  • The pole is made of high quality steel plate with electrostatic surface spray after hot-dip zinc galvanising inside and out, can be widely used in various chemical plants for road lighting.
  • Street lamps and light poles have a wind resistance capacity up to 40m/s, and can be widely used in coastal areas where wind speeds are higher