FGD Series Weatherproof High Pole Lamps

  • Normally designed to Executive standards:
    GB50017 Code for Design of Steel Structures,
    GBJ135 High Rise Structure Design Specification,
    GB50011 Code of Aseismic Design of Buildings,
    GB 50007 Code for Design of Building Foundations,
    CJ/T 3076 Technical Conditions of High Pole Lighting Facilities,
    GB699 High Quality Carbon Structure Steel Technical Conditions,
    GB/T 13912 Metal Covering Layer Steel Work Pieces Hot Dip Galvanizing Technology Requirements.
  • High pole lamps are a complex project involving mechanical, electrical, optical, civil and structural engineering, so please contact Inatex for design to other standards and specific requirements. We will work with Warom to produce a product to your specific requirements.
  • The high pole lamp is a compact and solid structure and has easy assembly and maintenance. Lift systems and electrical systems are reliable, have good light distribution, uniform illumination, and a lighting range up to more than 3000 square meters. Panel style lamps can be made upon request or based on
    engineering needs.
  • Lamp pole
    1) Light pole is made of high-quality low-carbon steel plate through shear. bending, and automatic welding, Stainless steel light poles can be made upon request.
    2) All the steel components are hot dip galvanized and powder coated so that all internal and external wall surfaces are protected properly to extend the service life and save maintenance costs.
    3) There is an electrical door at the bottom of the light pole, with built-in automatic and manual lifting system and electric control system. A specially designed lock is equipped on the door to effectively prevent unauthorised access.
  • Electrical control system
    1) Electrical control and protection devices are installed and fixed inside the control box at the bottom of the lamp, equipped with lighting control and motor control circuit
    2) With manual control master controller to achieve remote control of lifting (about 5 meters)
    3) Double-loop power cables for power supply, to achieve full load lighting and partial lighting, with a variety of control methods, such as manual control, light control and computer time control, etc. to meet the needs of different users.
    4) Towlines are used for power supply, control box and lighting cables and are connected with specific plugs which have a special locking device.
  • Automatic and manual lifting system
    The system is composed of motor, worm gear, and hoist. Worm gear drive mechanism with self-locking function can make the lamp panel stop at any location with over torque protection, automatic operations and manual operations are available.
  • Guiding and brake system (optional)
    This system plays a guiding role in the normal rise and fall of lamp panel once the wire rope breaks, this system has brake protection, it can prevent lamp panel from falling.
  • Lightning protection grounding device
    The high-pole lamp must have a dedicated grounding device, grounding resistance less than 10 ohms.
  •  All high-pole lamps are provided with corresponding ballast and capacitors, the lamp source shall be prepared by the user.
  • All anchor bolts for high-pole lamps are prepared by the user, a schematic diagram is provided for reference.