HR-ZLZD-E13W / HR-ZFZD-E5W Fire Emergency Light Fittings

  • Die-cast high quality aluminum alloy enclosure with powder coated surface offers good corrosion resistance.
  • Imported PC lampshade, with strong impact resistance, low temperature resistance, anti-aging and good light transmittance
  • International brand LED lamp, high luminous efficiency, high color rendering, low luminous decay, low energy consumption, long service life, maintenance-free, no subsequent costs.
  • Built-in high energy memory-less lithium battery and control panel; When the power source is cut off, it will be switched to emergency state.
  • With overcharging and over discharging protection and short circuit protection to ensure normal operation.
  • Equipped with status indicator lamp: when connected to the mains supply the green indicator is lit. When the storage battery is charging, the red indicator is lit. If a failure occurs the yellow indicator is lit and the buzzer sounds. When the fault is solved, the alarm is closed automatically,
  • After connecting to the power source, monthly inspection and annual inspection is performed automatically. Touch the button to finish the monthly and annual inspection and turn off the lamp.
  • The lamp cap can be adjusted downward at 45°.