HRBLZD-1□ I 3.5W Fire Emergency Sign Lamps

  • Die-cast high quality aluminum alloy enclosure with powder coated surface offers good corrosion resistance.
  • LED lamp; pollution-free, green environmental rating.
  • Built-in nickel-cadmium battery and control panel; when the power source is cut off, the lamp will be switched to the emergency state and the lamp will be powered by the battery.
  • Provided with overcharging, over discharging and short circuit protection to ensure the normal operation of the light fitting.
  • Equipped with a status indicator lamp; when connected to the mains supply the green indicator is lit. When the battery is charging, the red indicator is lit. The red indicator will turn off after the battery is full charged. lf a failure occurs, the yellow indicator lit and the buzzer sounds. When the fault is resolved, the indicator and the alarm will be extinguished automatically.
  • When connected to the main power source, monthly self-inspection and annual self-inspection will be performed automatically. Press the test button to manually simulate a faulty main power source and test monthly and annual self-inspection.
  • The light fitting is a continuous type.