HRD92 Series Explosion-proof High Efficiency and Energy-saving LED Lamps (IIC)


  • Widely used for lighting on offshore platforms, chemical tankers, LNG ships and dangerous cargo wharves, etc.;
  • Reliable in severe environments affected by moisture, vibration, or corrosion;
  • Explosive hazardous atmosphere zone 1, zone 2, zone 21, zone 22.
  • Enclosure is made of  a special maritime aluminum alloy, surface powder coated after special corrosion-proof treatment
  • Toughened glass transparent cover, atomisation and anti-glare design, withstands high energy impact, anti-heat upheaval. Light transmittance up to 90%;
  • Pure flameproof structure, flameproof thread, reliable explosion-proof performance;
  • The light chamber, power chamber and wiring chamber are separate, with a separate wiring chamber;
  • Specially designed constant current and constant voltage power supply, wide voltage input, constant power output, with constant current, open circuit protection, short circuit protection functions ;
  • High power factor, cosΦ ≥ 0.95.