iQuarius™ Mobile Water Network Leak Detection

Water Utility distribution networks typically require a tremendous investment in leak detection equipment, which is often cumbersome and complex, requiring specialist skills and experience to use.

The Aquarius Spectrum iQuarius™ mobile solution is an affordable and easy to use system which utilises cutting edge, patented technology, packed into a small, easy to carry kit. It includes all the equipment necessary to carry out an independent water leak detection survey and is suitable for all users; from beginner to full-time professionals.

The iQuarius™ system consists of a small device which connects to a smartphone and utilises a dedicated Android app. The app features a cloud-based analytics system which performs most of the operations and audit automatically.

All data generated by the solution is recorded locally and analysed immediately by Aquarius Spectrum’s servers; it is then available for viewing by any web browser. The compact mobile sensors combine with top of the line analysis software to successfully tackle all water leakage challenges. iQuarius™ will easily perform pipe listening, survey and correlation tasks.


  • Ultra-sensitive microphone for vibration and sounds
  • Clear sound “frequency shift” technique enables listening to plastic pipes
  • Provides graphic representation of frequencies

Acoustic Leak Survey

  • One click operation
  • Automatic acoustic map generation
  • Each sample is represented by intensity number and colour
  • Automatic filtering of background noise


  • Automatic leak detection and location, with pipe length measurement via GPS
  • Location accuracy within 20cm
  • Detection range in metal pipes of up to 300m between sensors
  • Adaptive filtering of signals with cloud based analysis

iQuarius™ Models

  • iQ100 – Listening survey capability – one acoustic sensor
  • iQ200 – Listening, survey and correlation capability – two acoustic sensors, listening stick, ground adapters
  • iQ300 – Listening, survey and correlation capability – two acoustic sensors, listening stick, ground adapters – two hydrophone sensors and one ground sensor