Inatex specialises in the provision of independent, expert teams for the management and execution of hazardous area audits and inspections; performed during plant construction, as part of a capital expansion project, or during operations as part of an ongoing maintenance program.

iecexArmed with our specialist CONNECT® inspection system, our personnel keep you informed every step of the way, with instant progress updates and reporting to your requirements; online and available to you 24×7. Any defects can be reported instantly and detailed information may be passed to your maintenance system for action, delivered by email or accessed directly within CONNECT® itself from anywhere in the world.

Inatex provides electrical and mechanical inspection of Hazardous Areas to the requirements of AS/NZS 60079, IEC 60079, EN 60079 and equivalents. Our services are delivered via:

  • Integrated, self-managed teams for Hazardous Area inspection during plant construction and commissioning
  • Integrated, self-managed teams for ongoing visual, close, detailed or continuous Hazardous Area inspections as part of an ongoing maintenance programme, or
  • Supply of qualified Hazardous Area inspection personnel for integration into your own team

Inatex – HA Inspection Brochure