The latest in Nitrogen Generation systems for the Australian market.

Nitrogen Generation

Nitrogen Membrane Unit

Using patented membrane technology, nitrogen can be produced to your exact purity requirements, up to 99.9% pure, using our Nitrogen On Demand services.  In conjunction with our technology partner, Inatex provides on-site Nitrogen Production Units complete with all of the required compressors, generators and peripheral equipment, either containerised for in-situ use or truck mounted for easy mobility. We will take care of operations and logistics anywhere in Australia.

Nitrogen Generation

Compressors and Accessories

Our Nitrogen On Demand provides:

  • Unlimited run time – non-stop, 24 hour operations if required
  • Single units can produce at flow rates of up to 5,000 scfm, while multiple units can reach 18,000 scfm
  • High pressures; up to 5000psig using a booster
  • Leading, patented Membrane Technology producing N2 to your required purity (up to 99.9% N2)
  • The highest Nitrogen purity rates available at the lowest possible operating costs
  • No downtime waiting for liquid nitrogen deliveries or when changing bottles
  • No waste due to liquid boil off

Inatex – Nitrogen On Demand Brochure