DPI CyFi “Podular” Multiphase Desanding System

Multiphase Solids Management (up to 15,000 psig)

  • DPI CyFi “Podular” Multiphase Desanding System – unique multipurpose vessel design
  • DPI WellSpin Multiphase Desanding Cyclone – separate accumulator
  • DPI WellScreen Multiphase Dual Pot Sand Filter – in to out flow direction

In-Separator Solids Management

  • DPI Sand Jetting & Removal Systems
  • DPI Solids Transportation, Pressure Letdown & Sand Concentration Control Systems

Liquid Stream Solids Management

  • DPI DL Series Produced Water Desanding Hydrocyclone Systems
  • DPI DS Series High Efficiency Produced Water Desilting Hydrocyclone Systems

Post Separation Solids Management

  • DPI Closed Loop Sand Flushing, Dewatering & Bagging Systems
  • DPI Sand Cleaning Systems
  • DPI Separated Sand Monitoring Systems