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Multi-layer acoustic water pipe leak detection and monitoring solutions

Inatex has partnered with Aquarius-Spectrum, a company which specialises in monitoring solutions for leak detection in urban water pipe networks, enabling a high level of water network operation and maintenance.

Aquarius-Spectrum’s patented comprehensive solution can monitor an entire water distribution network and provide a complete up-to-date GIS picture of every point of failure. This provides engineers and decision makers in municipal water utilities and water service providers with essential decision-support information at an affordable cost.

The company offers two different product lines that turn the water pipes into internet-monitored equipment, making them true Internet-of-Things (IoT) components.

The AQS-SYS fixed-sensor monitoring solution is based on daily acoustic monitoring, using correlating sensors for detection and location, whereby each sensor covers on average over 500 meters (1,640 feet) of water pipe. The AQS-SYS detection by correlation locates pipe leaks from very small hole sizes (1.5mm / 1/16in) with minimal false alarms. Together with advanced algorithms, it provides water utilities with a high level of accurate data and daily tracing of the condition of water pipes, with a user friendly web cloud platform and informative dashboard.

iQuarius™ smartphone App. and widget enables easy surveying, leak detection and pinpointing of water leaks, using new acoustic correlation technology. It is the first smartphone-enabled professional acoustic sensor on the market also featuring a cloud-based analytical system. iQuarius™ empowers utility employees with the necessary tools to effectively support their organisation with easy-to-use and affordable equipment. All gathered information is recorded and can be analyzed by the system and the back-office support.