BAY51-D Explosion proof Linear Lighting (Ex d IIB)

Warom BAY51-D Explosion proof Linear Lighting for Fluorescent or LED Lamps. Copper-free aluminium with toughened glass tubes. Single or double tubes (T8 fluorescent or LED) and IP66 rated.

Manufacturer: Warom Technology Company Limited

BAY51-D Explosion proof Linear Lighting

  • Explosion Protection to
    – IEC
    – NEC
  • Can be used in
    – Zone 1 and Zone 2
    – Zone21 and Zone22
    – Class I, Zone 1 and Zone 2
    – Class I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C, D
  • Three enclosure types: Type I, Type ll and Type Ill
    Available lamps and power:
    – Type I: T8 18W x 2, T5 14W x 2, LED 9W x 2
    – Type ll: T8 36W x 2, T5 28W x 2, LED 18W x 2
    – Type lll: T8 58W x 2, T5 35W x 2, LED 28W x 2
  • The glass tube withstands 4J impact.
  • Enclosure in copper-free aluminium, powder coated surface, yellow (RAL1021)
  • Built-in electronic ballast, wide voltage input, rapid starting, stable performance, power factor ≥ 0.95.
  • Built-in LED driver, wide voltage input, CC-CV (constant current – constant voltage) output, power factor ≥ 0.95.
  • End of lamp life (EOL) rectification effect protection.