BAYD85 Explosion proof Exit Sign (Ex d IIB)

The Warom BAYD85 Series Explosion proof Exit Sign /Emergency Exit Light will continue to provide exit sign lighting for 180 minutes after the power source is lost. Ceiling, wall or pendant pole mounts are available and seven different sign codes may be selected.

Manufacturer: Warom Technology Company Limited

BAYD85 Explosion proof Exit Sign – Emergency Exit Light

  • Explosion protection to
  • Can be used in
    Zone 1 and Zone 2
    Zone 21 and Zone 22
    Class I, Zone 1 and Zone 2
    Class I, Division 1, Groups C, D
  • Lighting both in normal condition and emergency condition; When the power supply is cut off, the light illuminates; provided with overcharge, over-discharge and short circuit protection.
  • Designed with test button and sleep button. Press the test button and the lamp will enter emergency mode. The sleep button turns off the lamp, re-press the button and the lamp turns on and returns to operating status.
  • Ultra-bright LED lamp, low power consumption and long service life up to 50,000 hours; energy saving and environmentally friendly.
  • Enclosure in copper-free aluminium, powder coated surface, yellow (RAL 1021).
  • Toughened glass resistant to temperature changes.
  • IECEx CQM 16.0032X