Safeglo™ Explosion Proof Flexible LED Strip Light (Ex mb op IIC)

The Safeglo™ Explosion proof Flexible LED Strip Light is fully encapsulated by silicone. The silicone extruded housing insulates the light from any external ignition sources.

Small as it might be, the flexible LED light easily copes with various complex environments when combined with a range of purpose-built connection and installation accessories. The explosion-proof light fixture distributes consistent and continuous light, ensuring a safe and well-lit environment.

Safeglo™ is a truly innovative product with uses only limited by your imagination.

Manufacturer: Clear Lighting Co. Ltd.

Inatex introduces Clear Lighting’s mb-F2010B range of LED hazardous area lighting products. The Safeglo EX products are an innovative range of flexible strip lights that have been designed specifically for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (Zone 1/21 & 2/22) within harsh industrial environments such as mines and oil & gas facilities.

The mb-F2010B white strip light can be used to provide daylight spectrum light for continuous area lighting or be used to light specific equipment areas, and the Red/Green/Amber versions are designed for use as part of a safety system.The mb-F2010B strip lights have a long-life span (50,000 hours plus), low energy consumption, and are highly energy efficient.

The mb-F2010B strip light is certified by the world recognized certification authority TUV via their Shenzhen office and ratified by the Italian TUV office to the
applicable European Norms and many local certifications authorities for use below ground e.g. Coal Mines where there is the presence of both Methane and Coal Dust, and above ground e.g. Oil & Gas facilities where there is the presence of multiple combustible gases and vapors incl Hydrogen and Acetylene.

The mb-F2010B is fully encapsulated with food grade silicone that:

  • is highly flexible,
  • has high transparence,
  • has excellent Anti-UV performance,
  • is flame retardant,
  • has negligible toxicity levels
  • operates at low and high temperatures,
  • and is low maintenance.
  • IECEx TPS 19.0047

The mb-F2010B flexible light strip is manufactured with injection molded silicon connectors to achieve IP67 water ingress protection. It is available in custom lengths up to 30m long and provides up to 1000 lumens per meter of 6500K white light, or red, green or amber safety light.  Inatex can also supply the mb-F2010B complete with injection moulded connector and end cap and cable for rapid deployment. The optional stainless steel mounting profile makes installation quick, secure and easy, and a suspension kit provides the ability to hang the strip for a flexible continuous area lighting solution.