HRJ Explosion proof Emergency LED Lighting (Ex db op IIC)

Warom Explosion proof Emergency LED Lighting. 30W or 60W in regular mode with 30W or 40W when in emergency mode. 90 minute (120min optional) battery backup.

Manufacturer: Warom Technology Company Limited

Explosion proof Emergency LED Lighting

  • Explosion protection to
  • Can be used in
    Zone 1 and Zone 2
    Zone 21 and Zone 22
    Class I, Zone 1 and Zone 2
    Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D
  • Applicable lamp and power: LED: 30W or 60W. Emergency power: 20W (30W) or 40W (60W)
  • Isolated LED lamp compartment, CC-CV (constant current-constant voltage) power controller compartment and terminal compartment. Lamp body has integrated cooling fins to dissipate heat.
  • Emergency device with battery pack which charges automatically. When the power supply is lost the emergency device operates. The battery is provided with over charge and over-discharge protection.
  • Toughened glass cover resistant to temperature changes.
  • Low-maintenance due to a long service life of up to 100,000 operating hours.
  • IECEx CNEX 20.0005X