BKF(R) Explosion Proof Air Conditioners (Ex d [ib] ib nC IIB)

Warom BKF(R) Explosion Proof Air Conditioners are a split type with a wall mounted fan coil unit and internally mounted control box. The internal components are suitable for Zone 1 environments, while the external condenser unit can be used in Zone 2. For use in IIB gas environments in Hazardous Areas. 5kW and 7kW versions are available in cooling only configuration; both sizes certified to IECEx.

Manufacturer: Warom Technology Company Limited
BKF(R) Explosion Proof Air Conditioners
  • Explosion protection to
  • Can be used in
    Zone 1 (indoor unit) and Zone 2 (outdoor unit)
  • This explosion Proof air conditioner is available in cooling-only versions in T1, T2, and T3 to meet the different requirements of low, medium and high temperature regions.
  • The air conditioner is based on an internationally known brand which is then modified by applying explosion-proofing measures to both the indoor and outdoor units. Measures taken to protect the outdoor unit include: (using special techniques and controls) explosion-proof modifications to the internal control units, compressor, outdoor fan motor, protection system, heat-removal system, cooling system, etc. An Explosion-proof control box and sensor system with intrinsic safety is used. Indoor unit: (using special techniques and controls) dismantle the internal control units and design an explosion-proof structure which enables explosion-proof control box separation. A remote control and sensor system with intrinsic safety are used. The unit dimensions and installation method are the same as the original after the explosion-proof modifications.
  • IECEx certificate CQM 008.0017X