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Warom Quality

Quality is Warom’s lifeblood. The company strictly follows the requirements of lSO9001:2008 and the ISO/IEC 80079-34:2011 Quality Management System requirements for manufacturing, inspection, records processing, traceability, rectification, fault prevention and continuous improvement. Quality management is a direct responsibility of Warom’s General Manager

Warom has set up a quality inspection department fully equipped with a comprehensive inspection and testing center and a high-tech measurement center. The company is an organisational member of the “China Product Quality Association” and its products and quality management organisation have been the recipient of multiple awards. Warom’s Inspection and Testing Laboratory has been the first in the industry evaluated by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association as an A Grade Quality Inspection Organisation of Petroleum and Chemical Enterprise.

Attention to quality control occurs not only during the manufacturing process; additional inspection occurs before the products leave the factory. Warom makes sure that each product goes through several inspection and testing processes before it leaves the factory, and only those qualified after inspection and test are released to its customers.